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What You Need to Know About Jabra Speak 710

The Jabra speak 710 is a portable device typically designed to provide special sound quality on conference calls or even when playing music. The device is good since it can be connected to many other devices. This device is cheaper than the Jabra 510 hence making it an option for many. Also, you will realize that this device has an omnidirectional for up to 6 in a room attendee for clear conversations to be seen and therefore, it becomes the choice of many people for conference calls. Here are the top things you need to know about the Jabra speak 710.

Following the inefficiencies in the design of Jabra 410 and 510, the Jabra 710 was specially designed to cater for the perfect look and feel. Due to this, many people will like this device since it has a perfect design that is going to please the eye. This design of the Jabra 710 is perfect making many people switch to this option. Portability of the device is another advantage that comes along with the design the device exhibits. The touch controls at the center of the device are also the other added advantage of this device making it to shine.

If you have more expensive conference units and you need a solution which is going to be more convenient in the setup, this is the device to choose. This means that it can easily connect to the smartphones and also Bluetooth if need be without you facing any challenges of the setup since it is tested and approved to be connection convenient. Not leaving behind the USB connectivity which is relatively simple as for the wireless connection. The device has simple buttons like the ones for power, answering calls, Bluetooth connection, muting, battery level, volume control, link button which makes it simple for connectivity.

When you compare similar products to this Jabra 719 in terms of the sound quality, the 719 is superb. It has two units linked together that makes it speakerphone performance better facilitating the communication in the conferences. Also, when it is used in the conference calls, this is a superb option with an omnidirectional mic able to pick each participant voice clearly. For listening music wirelessly in the office, this is the most preferred option also. When it comes to the performance of this option for music, you will realize exemplary performance.

Since this device is designed perfectly and specifications are done well, it has added advantage over the usual wireless speakers we use in offices. When it comes to clarity of conversations and music being played, this is the solution for you with a powerful supportive battery of up to 15 hours.

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